Massages by Morgan

Trained by Ananta Sylvain Girard (founder and director of the ARYM Institute, an Indian institute for Ayurvedic yoga massage), Morgan offers two well-known styles of massage that are familiar to Ayurvedic technique enthusiasts.

Beyond the pleasure and relaxation provided by this Ayurvedic massage, this soothing massage has healing virtues that allow for the rebalancing of the body and its functions. It offers a beautiful sensory and auditory immersion.


  • Relaxation, revitalization
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Improved circulation and sleep
  • Toxin elimination
  • Facilitates better management of emotions and stress
  • Provides deep relaxation and serenity.

The session lasts between 20 and 60 minutes.


Ayurvédique Yoga Massage

Inspired by the Indian traditions of Ayurveda and modern yoga, Ayurvedic yoga massage combines a deeply penetrating oil massage with assisted stretches based on yoga postures in a single session. Supported by breath, this dynamic body therapy is distinct from other traditional Ayurvedic massages and treatments. In Essaouira, it offers a great combination for beginners or experienced individuals; windsurfing and water sports have contributed to the city’s reputation for decades.

The Ayurvedic yoga massage is a dynamic bodywork that combines elements of deep tissue massage, assisted stretches based on yoga (passive yoga), and breathing techniques in a single treatment. This comprehensive massage is performed on a thin mat placed on the floor.

Benefits :

  • Relaxation, revitalization
  • Stimulate the muscles
  • Improve circulation and sleep
  • Eliminate toxins and reduce palmar and plantar osteoarthritis
  • Facilitate better management of emotions and stress
  • Provide deep relaxation and serenity.


The session lasts between 50 and 90 minutes.

2, rue Mohamed Diouri
44000 Essaouira | Morocco

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